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The Advantages of Advertising with the Jets...​
  • Madison City Schools Stadium holds 4,000+ Spectators!
  • Approximately 45,000 People attend games in the Madison City Schools Stadium each year!
  • The average spectator remains in the stadium for 4 hours!
  • The average spectator looks at the scoreboard and the play clock multiple times per hour!
  • Key location advertisements remain in place for 12 months!
By Comparison...
  • An advertisement on a billboard 2 miles from the stadium costs $2650 for 4 weeks – about $10,600 for the same 4 months as the football season!
  • Billboards are seen for an average of 1-2 seconds if they are seen at all!
How would you like to have your business in front of 45,000 people… For Four Hours!