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The Jets would like to recognize our generous partners for their invaluable support making it possible to provide the best possible facilities, resources and equipment for our athletes. Please help support our sponsors by visiting their establishments and purchasing their quality products and/or services.
The Advantages of Advertising with the Jets...​
  • Madison City Schools Stadium holds 4,000+ Spectators!
  • Approximately 45,000 People attend games in the Madison City Schools Stadium each year!
  • The average spectator remains in the stadium for 4 hours!
  • The average spectator looks at the scoreboard and the play clock multiple times per hour!
  • Key location advertisements remain in place for 12 months!
By Comparison...
  • An advertisement on a billboard 2 miles from the stadium costs $2650 for 4 weeks – about $10,600 for the same 4 months as the football season!
  • Billboards are seen for an average of 1-2 seconds if they are seen at all!
How would you like to have your business in front of 45,000 people… For Four Hours!